Welcome to the World of Bees!

by Julie Tennis on November 2, 2011

You have chosen a fortuitous time to learn about native bees and beekeeping! With the disappearance of up to 90% of the commercial honeybee population over the last five years, the world has taken notice of a group of animals that were previously taken for granted. Scientists and citizens are doing research, gathering and compiling their data, and creating more resources for all of us to utilize and enjoy.

A resource that recently came to my attention is the free book, Bee Basics: An Introduction to Our Native Bees (click on title to follow link). This beautifully illustrated guide gives an excellent overview of the variety of native bees as well as their natural history.

Becoming a beekeeper and working with honeybees led me to develop a love an appreciation of all pollinating insects. Our native bees are the real workhorses when it comes to pollination, yet they have been devastated by habitat loss and use of pesticides. I hope that you will read through Bee Basics and start to see for yourself how beautiful and important these animals are to life on Earth!



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