Interview on Animal Talk

by Julie Tennis on November 21, 2011

Several weeks ago Joanne Rideout, General Manager of Coast Community Radio and producer of Animal Talk and The Ship Report, visited my apiary in Naselle, Washington.

I showed Joanne the work area where I build new hive boxes and spin out honey, then took her out to meet the girls.  Joanne started out in the bee suit (I only have one right now) and got to peek into the hive at the busy worker bees.  We switched places so that I could close up the hive but the bees were agitated and one feisty gal chased Joanne out to the driveway.  Not content with the retreat of her target, the bee stung Joanne on her upper lip.  YIKES!

Luckily the radio host was not allergic.  I watched for signs of a reaction for the next 3/4-hour – nothing but a little redness.  Joanne was  a trooper and stuck around while I smoked the girls to calm them down.  Then we went inside to sample some of the different flavors of honey from my hives.

Here’s the interview for your listening pleasure:  Animal Talk

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