Wetland Mitigation Site Study

by Julie Tennis on May 12, 2016

For the past 19 years, Astoria High School’s freshman science students have participated in an annual study of the Astoria Airport Mitigation Bank wetland. Lee Cain and Nick Baisley lead this endeavor, coordinating volunteers and students in two days of data collection. This is my second year volunteering as the bumblebee group leader.

Today I had three students, Maddy, Kevin and Quinton. All three students captured a bee. Despite her aversion to flying insects, Maddy caught the largest bee of the day, a Bombus mixtus worker. Quinton, swinging his net like the hammer of Thor, managed to catch a small sweat bee. Kevin was our most focused hunter, standing motionless as he waited for someone to land on each patch of flowers we surveyed. He was rewarded with this new-to-me bee. We’re not sure of the genus, but preliminary research suggests it is in the miner bee family, possibly Trachandrena.

I love being part of this annual event! If you’re interested in supporting the work they’re doing over at the Astoria High School’s science program, consider connecting with Mr. Cain to volunteer your time or make a donation to the program.



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